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Mobile solar charger


As the use of your mobiel phone increase, the battery life time gets shorter. A specially on vacation you do not always have the right charger for your mobile phone. Tha answer The Solar Charger. Many manufactures produce such a product and many of those has their own explaning why there product is the best. What does matters are the numbers. A regular mobile phone usses 4.5 V and about 1 mA (or 1000 mA).
Important features are the onboard battery so you can recharge when yoou need it. You have also some chargers who are water resistand or who also can use wind energie. Almost all the chargers have plugin converters for the right type phone of MP3 player. See for more information the link under the name of ther charger.
Name Euro Battery Rated output Output Recharge Size (mm)
A-Solar Power charger 44,95 Lithium Ion 5.5V/7.5V/9.5V 2000 mAh  
A-Solar iPhone Solar Charger 28,95 Lithium Ion   800 mAh  
A-Solar Dual Panel 38,95 Lithium Ion   1200 mAh  
GP Solar 19 Lithium Ion 4.2V 150mA     180x110x60
Solio Magnesium edition 120 Lithium Ion 8 W 0,85W 5,5V 150mA 3.7V 1800 mAh 120x65x34
Solio Classic Universal Hybrid Charger  70 Lithium Ion 4-12V 0-1A 155mA 6V 3.6V 1600 mAh 119x33x63
Solio H1000 Universal Hybrid Charger 56 Lithium Ion 1.5-5W 0.6W 3.7V 1000 mAh 198x68x18
K3 charger July 2009 Lithium Ion 5V 1A 5W* 3,7V 4000 mAh 78x236x80
Amorphous Si panel 14 No 1.5W 120mA 12V 12V  
powermonkey-eXplorer 73 Lithium Ion 4.5V-5.5V 700 mAh 5V 2200 mAh 90x45x38
solarmonkey 40 No 5V 240 mAh 240 mAh 110x70x10
Solargorila 156 No     500 mAh 264x200x19

Price's are from 7 juni 2009. 

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